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Ivory Edition Booster Draft Format

General Information

A Draft begins with any number of players who each receive booster packs from one or more Ivory-legal sets. The standard number of packs is four, or five if using any sets with 11-card booster packs. The tournament organizer determines the mix of packs, but each player must get the same number of boosters from each expansion or base set. Players are then seated randomly around a table, or pod, in Councils of 2 to 8 persons.

Draft Set-Up

Once arranged and seated in their Councils, players may then open their first booster. If there are multiple sets in the draft, the set of the first booster to be opened is determined by the tournament organizer. Each player now looks at the cards in the booster. If there are any Premium cards (such as proxy cards) in that pack, set those aside. Those cards do not go into your deck and are not used for drafting. On the back of the Premium card is a Gates of the Second City, which you will be using for your Stronghold.

Then, players look through that booster and select one card from that pack. Once that card has been selected, it becomes part of their Cache, face down, and is no longer considered part of the booster pack. The rest of the booster pack is turned face-down and passed to the person on their right. Once everyone has selected their card, they may pick up the booster that was just passed to them and select another card for their Cache, again passing the remains of the booster to the person on their right. This continues until the last card is selected and there are no more cards.

Once the first booster is depleted, the tournament organizer signals which set's booster players open next. Like the first booster, players select their cards. But this time players pass the booster to the left. Players continue until that booster is depleted and go on to the third booster. The passing direction continues to alternate, with odd-numbered boosters passed to the right and even-numbered boosters passed to the left.

Building Your Deck

After all the boosters have been depleted, players begin deck building using the cards in their personal Cache. In addition to the drafted cards, each player supplies themselves with both sides of a Gates of the Second City Stronghold – either the two sided card in the Player Draft Kit, or the two different cards supplied in booster packs, one for going first with 7 Province Strength, and one for going second with 8 Province Strength. Players then have a time limit of 15 minutes for deck building. The Tournament Organizer (TO) may allow more or less time if this is stated before the draft event begins.

Ivory Edition Final-382.jpgIvory Edition Final-383.jpg

Draft Specific Rules

  • Decks must contain at least 20 Dynasty cards and 20 Fate cards; these numbers may be affected by cards that change the deck minimums. All cards in decks must be Ivory Edition legal. Cards which are not bugged for Ivory Edition, such as Proxy cards, may not be played.
  • You may start play with one Sensei from your Cache, but the Sensei’s clan restrictions must be compatible with the Clan Alignments you end up choosing (see below). If you include a Sensei in your deck you must start play with it in all your games.
  • If you ever need to take a card from an empty deck, immediately take all cards from your appropriate discard pile and shuffle them to create that deck again.
  • After an Event is discarded, if it resolved and its effects were not all negated, remove it from the game.
  • Players are not restricted to three copies of a card in their decks, but they must abide by all other deck building and play restrictions (such as Loyal, Unique).
  • Once players have created their decks, they simultaneously and secretly write down two of the nine Clan Alignments. They show these alignments (and any Sensei they are using) to their opponent at the time when they would normally show their Stronghold and Sensei in a constructed game. Each player has both of his or her chosen Clan alignments, for all card and rule purposes, throughout the tournament.

Prize Suggestions

Prizes vary from tournament to tournament, but one common practice to consider is, at the end of the draft tournament, collect all of the Rare cards the players drafted in their booster packs and put them in a Rare pile. Then, starting with the tournament winner and proceeding in final standings order, allow each player to select one card from the Rare pile for him to permanently keep as part of his collection. This method prevents players from "Rare drafting", in which they draft all the Rares they can so after the tournament their collection gets better, while the other players in the tournament suffer. This also gives extra rewards, beyond the standard prizes, to the players who do the best.

Another practice to consider is to follow the above method, but allow last place to pick first, going in reverse order final standings order. This allows the players who are new or have less cards the opportunity to get the rares they might need for their deck.