Comprehensive Rules for Emperor Edition

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How to use the Comprehensive Rules

The L5R Comprehensive Rules for Emperor Edition are organized into three sections.

  1. The Core Comprehensive Rules contain information on card types and states, how to read cards, the turn sequence, and other basic things involved in playing the game.
  2. The Rules Glossary contains rules about specific game terms you may encounter, organized alphabetically, as well as indexing links to terms mentioned in the Core Comprehensive Rules.
  3. The Specific Card Rulings are an archive of Rules Team decisions about ambiguous or tricky wordings on cards, and official changes to cards by errata or most recent printing (MRP). They are organized alphabetically, by card title.

If you are looking for a rule or ruling on a specific topic, the easiest way to find it is to search the Comprehensive Rules. A "Search" box can be found at the left of every page, under the L5R logo and the "Navigation" box.


What's new in Emperor Edition?

Main changes in Rules from Celestial Edition to Emperor Edition (overview)

Emperor Edition Core Comprehensive Rules

These are the basic rules of L5R CCG from Emperor Edition onward.

  1. Cardinal rules
  2. The Player
  3. Card types
  4. Card features: such as stats, titles, card text, keywords
  5. Non-card physical game elements: such as tokens, the Imperial Favor
  6. Areas of the game: such as home, provinces, decks, discard piles
  7. Physically marked card states: such as in play, bowing, dishonoring, control, overlaying
  8. Timing: such as triggers, timing conflicts
  9. Costs and restrictions
  10. Effects: such as negation, duration of effects, delayed effects
  11. Abilities and actions
  12. Sequence of play
  13. Battles
  14. Challenges and duels
  15. Special wording rules

Emperor Edition Comprehensive Rules Glossary

This glossary contains rules relevant to specific game terms that form part of the basic rules of Emperor Edition L5R. They are organized alphabetically by game term.

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