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The following are non-standard formats for Legend of the Five Rings. Each features unique deck construction requirements and rules specific to those formats. None of the rules for these formats extend into the standard Emperor Edition format.

  • Ivory Edition Booster Draft - Played using just boosters.
  • Sealed Deck - Played with unopened starter decks.
  • Legacy Format - L5R's official Open Format.
  • "Highlander" Format - From the film and television series' catchphrase, "There can be only one." Deck construction allows only 1x of any card, but rules are (usually) otherwise unchanged.
  • BigDeck - A combination of the Legacy and "Highlander" Formats above, with its own unique deckbuilding restrictions; both your Dyanasty and Fate decks must be exactly 100 cards!
  • Suicide L5R - Played using only boosters.
  • 4/6 Celestial - A minimalist deck-building challenge. Rules added March 2010!
  • Multiplayer Format - How to play a game of L5R with more than two players
  • War of Honor Formats - Descriptions of Tournament Formats for the War of Honor board game, a self-contained or supplementary Multiplayer Format for L5R.